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Poster session 2


Monday 17 September 2018 - 12:30 to 14:00

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Simmonds L1, Pentesco-Murphy D1
1 Cochrane Library, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, UK
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Laura Simmonds

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Abstract text
Background and project goals:
The Cochrane Library provides systemic reviews of medical evidence. Users of the Library include medical practitioners, researchers, government workers, institutes, companies and other professionals, and the public. Cochrane would like to measure how satisfied these individuals are with the Library, and identify what improvements would increase satisfaction. Wiley are launching a new platform for the Cochrane Library in 2018 and this baseline survey and future 'voice of the customer' (VOC) activities will help to measure and prioritize the key components for investment most likely to impact satisfaction. Cochrane would like to use the results of the survey to launch a full VOC program in 2018.

Methodology and approach:
Wiley and Cochrane will work with specialist consultants, Broadview Analytics (BA), who will create, field and analyze a survey that measures the satisfaction of the health-evidence community. BA will collaborate with the Wiley working team and Cochrane to develop a survey, which will be programmed into Wiley’s Qualtric’s account and fielded using lists of recent users supplied by Cochrane/Wiley.
The survey will include multiple measures of engagement, including overall satisfaction, likelihood of recommending Cochrane to another professional and the likelihood of accessing Cochrane again. These metrics will be compared to satisfaction with various features of Cochrane, including usability, design, function and other specific items. A set of key drivers will be identified, which Cochrane can address to increase satisfaction. BA will deliver a report and presentation on the final results.
The second part of the engagement will involve preparing Cochrane to have an official VOC program. Cochrane and Wiley will be able to establish a site intercept survey in 2018. This will allow Cochrane to measure satisfaction in real time while users are engaged with the library. BA will prepare a briefer version of the satisfaction survey in Qualtrics that can be used for this purpose. BA will co-ordinate with the Wiley Marketing’s VOC team to establish and launch the survey. After six months of the VOC in field, BA will analyze the results.

Patient or healthcare consumer involvement:
We have screened all users of the Cochrane Library including patients and consumers to identify needs of these groups of users.

Relevance to patients and consumers: 

We are engaging with the users and patients of the Cochrane Library to 'understand the Cochrane customers' voice'.