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Social media

Follow and engage with the Colloquium on social media:

The Colloquium is a time to come together and discuss ideas. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #CochraneForAll on Twitter.

Twitter: Follow @CochraneUK and #Cochraneforall


Read more about our plans to take the conversation at the Colloquium #BeyondTheRoom.

Questions for keynote speakers

This year, we're encouraging attendees to submit questions for the keynote speakers online. To post your question for speakers, visit and enter the code that will be display in the room. You can also access via the 'Vote' section of the Cochrane Colloquium app.  Please include speaker initials if you’re directing your question to an individual. 

Alternatively, you can tweet your questions using #CochraneForAll

Twitter conversations

Cochrane UK has, with patients and other healthcare consumers1, co-designed a short code of conduct for Cochrane UK-led events (including this Colloquium). The aim is to encourage discussion in a way that is welcoming, inclusive and mutually respectful:

  • Lively debate is encouraged but please be polite and respectful of others’ views.
  • Please do not harass or intimidate others.
  • Participants are asked to focus on the topics and questions raised.
  • Cochrane UK will not respond to questions and comments not relevant to the matter under discussion. If individuals would like to raise issues with Cochrane outside of the scope of the conversation, or have questions that would be better answered by other Cochrane entities, we will do our best to direct individuals to alternate channels. To contact Cochrane with a comment or complaint, please see here. To submit a comment on a Cochrane Review or protocol, please see here. 
  • Individuals affiliated with Cochrane should refer to the Cochrane Spokesperson Policy, which provides guidance about who can speak officially on behalf of Cochrane and the circumstances in which it is appropriate to do so. Please see here. 

1These are individuals who make up the ‘Patients Included Advisory Group’, one of the organizing committees for Cochrane Colloquium Edinburgh 2018. They have a wealth of expertise as patients, carers and patient advocates, researchers and research participants.