Volunteer Roles


We are looking for volunteers to help us make the 2018 Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh a success. Volunteering is great experience and a fantastic addition to your CV. Volunteers will be provided with a certificate showing completion of volunteering as well as free lunches, tea and coffee throughout the event. Additionally, if you have a keen interest in any speakers or topics in particular, you may have the opportunity to attend some sessions. 

Join us as a volunteer at the 2018 Cochrane Colloquium in one of these roles:

Room Manager

As a room manager, your responsibilities will include;

  • Ensuring the room is set up before each session

  • Welcoming each speaker and assisting them in any tasks before and during the session

  • Creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for each session

  • Ensuring delegates come and go smoothly


Registration Assistant
As a registration assistant, your responsibilities will include;
  • Answering any registration queries

  • Helping direct individuals to the correct place

  • Assisting the registration hosts


Welcome Helper
As a welcome helper, your responsibilities will include:
  • Being one of the first friendly faces delegates see when arriving at the Colloquium

  • Answering any queries at the initial stage of the conference

  • Directing and accompanying delegates, speakers and other visitors to their relevant registration point

Speaker Buddy

As a speaker buddy, your responsibilities will include:

  • Accompanying speakers to and from each location

  • Being an enthusiastic and friendly face for each speaker to talk to

  • Answering any queries the speakers may have

General Helper

As a general helper, your responsibilities will include:

  • Being on call around the event to help anyone who needs it

  • Handling problems efficiently and effectively

  • Having a rounded knowledge of the Colloquium as a whole

Please complete this form and return to colloquium@cochrane.org with subject line 'Volunteer'