Living Evidence Network meeting

Saturday 15 September 2018 - 13:00 to 17:00


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Restricted: You will be given a closed meeting room

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This will be a closed meeting for Living Evidence Network members only.


This meeting will be held at Playfair Hall, Playfair Building (next to the Surgeon's Hall Museum), Surgeon's Hall (part of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh), Nicolson St., Edinburgh 1. Welcome and introductions (Facilitator: Tari Turner) [1.00 – 1.15pm] 2. Update on Network activities (Chair: Tari Turner, Minutes: Steve) [1.15pm – 2.20pm] a. Update on Network activities in 2018 and future plans (Speaker: Annie Synnot) (10 mins) b. LSR pilot evaluation results (Speaker: Annie Synnot) (15 mins) c. New living evidence pilot activities occurring (Speaker: Julian Elliott) (10 mins) Open group discussion: Questions, feedback, comments (20 mins) 3. Deeper dive into new areas – Part I (Chair: Tari Turner) [2.20pm – 3.00pm] a. Consumer engagement in living evidence (Facilitator: Annie Synnot, Notes: Tari) (40 mins) The Cochrane Living Evidence team is currently exploring the opportunities and challenges, and potential models of consumer engagement (i.e. patient and public involvement) in living evidence. This will inform potential models for consumer engagement that can be piloted in upcoming living evidence projects. Annie will introduce the key concepts and invite attendees to participate in a structured discussion to share their ideas.We would like to include the ideas generated in this discussion in a research project being conducted by the Cochrane Australia living evidence team. A Participant Information Sheet will be circulated to participants at the start of the meeting. Afternoon tea break [3.00pm – 3.30pm] 4. Deeper dive into new areas – Part II (Chair: Tari Turner, Minutes: Steve) [3.30pm - 3.50pm] a. Australian stroke living guidelines project (Speaker: Kelvin Hill) (20 mins) The Australian Government has recently funded a National Stroke Foundation-Cochrane Australia collaboration to produce Living Guidelines for Stroke Management. Kelvin will update us on how this will roll out, with a focus on the technological aspects (tools and platforms) of the work. 5. Where to next (Facilitator: Tari Turner, Minutes: Annie) [3.50pm – 4.45pm] a. Small group brainstorming on what should be next focus areas for Living Evidence Network activities, could be broken discussed in Interest Groups, i.e. : Search, Technology, Methods, Publishing, KT and stakeholder engagement Followed by report back to the group 6. Wrap up and close (Chair: Tari Turner) [4.45pm – 5pm]